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My name's Danielle and here are some fun facts about me: I love sushi, antique shops & the great outdoors. I recently married the love of my life, and we have the cutest fur baby, Max. I have a passion for travel, different cultures, the creative arts, music of all genres, and history!

I'm a seasoned photographer (8 years!) based in Central New Jersey. I own 2 photography businesses, the other being a partnership with my best friend Sydney - B|E Creative Community.

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My love of photography has been with me from a very young age. Any time I traveled, I always had a camera on me - from my phone, to a point and shoot, to my first ever DSLR. Travel photography is really where I first found my passion. The ability to capture beauty anywhere, everywhere, was & still is so alluring to me!

I keep that with me even now, using my own "kefi" to fuel my ability to capture beauty in every moment of "retrouvailles" that I encounter or create.
MY TRAVEL Adventures:

For Work

I love attending workshops all over the place! Here are a few of my most recent adventures:

  • Utah, USA - March 2021
  • Paris, France - November 2019

For Missions

Missions work is such a big part of my heart & life. I have been blessed to travel to so many different countries to work & connect with those living there!

  • Cyprus - May 2017
  • Italy - March 2016
  • India - May 2015
  • Haiti - June 2014

For Fun

Travel is something I will ALWAYS be down for. I have been traveling for over half of my life and I'm not stopping anytime soon!

  • Bahamas - November 2021
  • Cuba - Summer 2019
  • Cyprus - September 2017
  • Italy, Greece & Turkey - Spring 2012
  • England, Ireland & Wales - Spring 2010
  • Australia - Summer 2008

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