Hey Friends, I'm Danielle!

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I'm so happy you made your way here! I'm your fun loving, world traveling, adventure seeking, professional life romanticizer, ready to cheer you and your loved ones on in every moment.

From Central New Jersey, to Pennsylvania and beyond, I specialize in capturing intimate, authentic moments for couples, families, and unique individuals, just like you.

Romanticize Every Moment

My Philosophy

We've all heard the phrase "romanticize your life." Whether big or small, my goal is to help capture all of the adventures that life may bring, providing dreamy & intimate photography to romanticize every moment.

In traveling abroad, I have come across two extremely special words that capture my heart & intention for photography:

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Retrouvailles [re·trou·vailles]

"The French word captures the magic found in those mundane moments of real human connection: when two people meld together in a coffee shop, living room, dining table, or airport, and time just seems to stop.

Although the word is untranslatable, each one of us has surely experienced this feeling in our own way."

Celinne Da Costa

Kefi [ke·fi]

"This Greek word roughly translates to: the spirit of joy, passion, euphoria, enthusiasm, exuberance, frenzy.

It’s that overpowering emotion you have when you completely let go in the moment, release inhibitions, and allow yourself to joyfully feel the life pulsing through your body and soul."


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