Hi there! I'm Danielle. I am a young Central Pennsylvania based photographer with a passion for finding and sharing the beauty that I capture. I attend a Christian University where I am studying Photography. I hope one day to take my photography to other countries on the missions field. I love working with children, traveling all over the place, singing and playing the ukulele, and watching funny videos of baby animals...but then again who doesn't love that? I am involved heavily in theatre and music as they are some of my biggest passions! 

Thank you for visiting my site! Feel free to contact me on any form of social media or through email. 

The Story

I started Danielle Marie Photography in 2014, just 3 short years after I picked up my first Nikon camera. With a love for photography and capturing unseen beauty in each photograph, I began a journey to make these photos seen. Through college classes and requests from friends and family, my business took off! I am now finishing up my bachelors degree in photography and have gotten some new equipment including the Canon 5D Mark III! I am very blessed and very excited to see what the future holds.

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