Stylized June Solstice

Stylized June Solstice

I cannot believe that the shoot I was able to be a part of 2 days ago was real! Can you say total dream come true? This stylized shoot was put together by a new friend, Courtney, owner of Winsome Floral. When she reached out to me to see if I would come as a photographer, I excitedly cleared my schedule and practically screamed Y E S ! 

When I arrived at the venue, Hingework in Lancaster, I met a bunch of talented ladies, and was able to witness so many beautiful personalities and gifts. It was a blessing connecting with all of these women and I loved talking with them and hearing their stories. Seriously, God must have known that I needed this time to connect and be creative, because boy did it fill my heart. 

So I was thinking and praying this whole weekend about my experience - I was so moved when God spoke to me about my creativity...first off, are there any creatives out there who sometimes think they're not making a difference? That they're not "doing enough for the kingdom?" Well, that's me about 85% of the time. But God really spoke life into my work this weekend. I am a C R E A T I V E, and maybe you are too! Let that sink in. We have a rare opportunity and a wonderful gift to steward, that has been given to us by the C R E A T O R Himself!!! Say whaaaat??? We are literally made in His image as creative beings, and for us to put our mission, our time, and our hard work into that, is M I N I S T R Y; it is "D O I N G  E N O U G H." We have a very unique perspective on the world, and it is our job to share that and lift others up around us who are called to that too (instead of competing, comparing, and tearing each other down). This shoot fulfilled that purpose so beautifully. I loved how encouraging all those women were.  

So I hope that this shoot allows for more creative collaborations to ensue in the future, and hopefully some good friendships too. Thanks for listening to me babble on. Take a look at a few of my favorites from this shoot, and then head on over to the full album!

Here's a list of all those who contributed! 






Hair & Makeup

Bridal Gowns



//Lancaster, PA. June 21, 2018.//

Hi, I'm Danielle Debley. I am a Central PA photographer who is inspired by the beauty of people and creation, wonderfully made by the Creator. I hope to use my talent of photography to touch the hearts of others, inspire people to see beauty, reach out and capture their dreams, and to make a difference in someone's world.