New Lightroom Workflow!

New Lightroom Workflow!

I was recently approached by Sleeklens, a company that provides templates, tips, and editing tools for photographers using Lightroom and Photoshop. Through this awesome company I was able to try out their Forever Thine Wedding Workflow! This workflow has 112 different presets and 23 brushes that are really handy with touchups...for only $39!

I decided to first try out these presets on some past photo shoots, including a wedding, a studio shoot, and a fashion shoot. The presets have some really nice tones, and are great for stylized and almost vintage looking photos. 


The presets and brushes gave the photos new life and a different feel. The one thing that I really like about the brushes in this package, is that I don't have to do my retouch, like smoothing skin and whitening eyes etc., in Photoshop. The brushes in the Forever Thine package allowed me to do almost all of my retouch right there in Lightroom! This definitely cut the hassle and saved me time rather than having to export everything and then having to open it all back up in another program to do retouch. Another brush feature that I really enjoyed experimenting with was the Light - Add Golden Sun. It allowed me to give a nice hazy, sunny glow in the second picture. 

In April I was able to do a more dramatic shoot - a Princess themed shoot that was supposed to look much like a fairytale or fantasy land. My friend Limaris volunteered her time, beauty, and incredibly large dress. When editing, I was finding it hard to get the look I was going for, until I used on of the presets from the Forever Thine workflow. 

For this particular shoot, I used the base Antique Tone, and then made adjustments to different colors in the dress and background. The change was SO drastic that it fit perfectly into the mood I wanted for these photos. To me it looked dreamy and fantasy-like, just what I had pictured.

These edits are definitely more tailored to those who want a very stylized or vintage look to their photographs. If you like more clean, crisp, and subtle edits, this may not be the best package for you. But, should you need a very affordable workflow and brush package set for your various shoots, I would definitely recommend the Forever Thine Wedding Workflow! 

Hi, I'm Danielle Debley. I am a Central PA photographer who is inspired by the beauty of people and creation, wonderfully made by the Creator. I hope to use my talent of photography to touch the hearts of others, inspire people to see beauty, reach out and capture their dreams, and to make a difference in someone's world.