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Josh & Rachel (Proposal//Engagement)

Danielle DebleyComment
Josh & Rachel (Proposal//Engagement)

I met Josh and Rachel my freshman year of college at UVF. We shared a lot of fun memories together while in school and I even had the pleasure of Rachel being my roommate for junior year! When Josh asked me to help him capture the surprise proposal I was ecstatic! This was one of my first big projects and I wanted to make it great.


A few other students helped capture video and we all hid around a monument and inside little log cabins nearby to get the first shots. When we all came out of the woodworks (literally for some of us!) She was so touched and surprised. It was a wonderful moment!

//Valley ForgeNational Park, PA. September 2015//


It had just started to rain as the couple spoke and passed by a "random guy playing guitar." As Josh leaned down to "give him a tip," he stayed put on his knee and pulled out a ring from inside the guitar case as music played. Their shared surprise, love, and joy was absolutely contagious!


We were able to come back to Valley Forge National Park a month or so later to do some posed engagement shots. Even though the day was chilly, Josh and Rachel were good sports and let their love and joy shine just as brightly as on a warm sunny day! I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to photograph such a special time in my friends' lives. Love you both!

//Valley ForgeNational Park, PA. October 2015//

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