The Last Day...s

The Last Day...s

So I've had to live Saturday, May 30th twice. It's been an interesting day...s I'd have to say.  

My first Saturday started off with an early rise and a quick trip to the Siddipet Center where we met the children from the home there. This center is an amazing work in progress! We had a service prepared for the kids, complete with an awesome performance of "The Good Samaritan." (It was our best show yet!) This group of kids sang many songs, some in English, and haha had dance moves that we were eager to learn! We did a few extra action songs for them as well! After all the fun of reading memorized scriptures and singing and dancing, we headed out to the dirt lot in front of the building to learn how to play the only way I can think to describe this game is somewhat like human dodgeball. There are 2 teams and one person is sent over to cross a line; after that they must try to tag people to get them out but of they are tackled, they are out. If you don't understand anything I'm saying you can simply google it and find a video portraying professional Kabaddi! 

Our second event at the Siddipet Center was a widows meeting. Many widow came to listen to the Word of God and to receive saris. Some women even shared their testimonies on how they became widows, what they do now, and how they have led many people to the Lord; it was so inspiring. Afterwards many asked us to pray with them and so we did! They were also very affectionate, giving us big, long hugs when we left!  

The end of our day was a nice treat; we went out to eat at Steeven's favorite restaurant and! The 4 girls on the trip got dropped off at the mall before our flight and we had had a blast!  

I am so blessed to have come on this trip. Despite long flights back and reliving another Saturday driving, eating, and sleeping, I had the most wonderful time on this missions trip. Thank you God for all the work you have done! And thank you all for keeping updated with this blog. God bless!

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