Day 5

Day 5


I'm a few days behind on posts due to lack of wifi but here we go! Day 5 we started with an amazing breakfast at the hotel! I cannot get over their chai!  Also, Puri is basically funnel cake that instead you dip in spicy sauce - yum! We headed off to a pastor's conference which was for all the pastors under Brother Steeven. There at the meeting it got up to a lovely, cozy, 121 degrees Fahrenheit, of course it felt a little cooler under the big "shade tree." The service for the pastors went very well and they seemed to enjoy Pastor Mike Preaching! 

The next place we went to was the children's homes of Nellore and Sala Kalaveedu. The girls from Sala Kalaveedu lost their families in the tsunami. We had a wonderful service where I got to share a little bit about how I work with children doing VBS at home, how I had a chance to work with children in Haiti, and how excited I was to be there with them! The heat got to us girls that night but Praise the Lord, we are all doing well!

Now I have to share something a little more..interesting. A typical thing in India is to eat with the right hand because the left hand is used to clean up after the restroom. Indian restrooms do not have toilet paper so we as a team were told to bring our own. Well, let's just say in a state of emergency several of us were able to really dive deep into the Indian culture. God is funny in the ways he tries to get us more and more out of our comfort zone!

Please continue to read and to pray for the wonderful people here!

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