The Beginning

I grew up being a very shy and dependent being; I feel as though I am still that way sometimes today. I was raised in the comfort of the suburbs and stayed close to home until one day a letter arrived with my name on it. People to People wanted me as a student ambassador to the country of Australia. I was about to go into the eighth grade. Now you must understand, Australia was the country of my dreams since the second grade. I decided to put aside my insecurities, my shyness, my dependency and take the opportunity. My lovely mother and I began to raise funds to send me on my way. This was the beginning. It was on this trip that I took along my first digital camera, a small compact Cannon. Throughout the trip I took pictures of everything - people, landmarks, flowers, animals, buildings, landscapes, anything you could imagine...yes even some selfies. So what was this the beginning of you ask? The beginning of the love of travel, the beginning of the love of the art of photography. I think I learned that trip that a picture really WAS worth a thousand words; no journal entry I wrote could compare to the stunning photographs that little camera now held. From there on out I began to travel more, despite my shyness, my tendency to get homesick, and my hatred for airplanes. I traveled with my school the following year to England, Ireland, and Wales. Again my trusty Cannon camera came along and documented the rich history, my friends, and the people we met there. A few years later, right before my senior year of high school, I went on another school trip, this time to Italy, Greece, and Turkey. I think that may have been the most historically and aesthetically enriching trip I have been on. The photos I captured held so much worth to me, so much beauty, and of course many of the places we visited were simply that - beautiful. Sometime after this trip I received my first DSLR camera, a Nikon D3100. Wow do I love that thing! I was lucky to use it on my next trip. My next and most recent trip, the summer before my sophomore year of college, was not a school trip; this was my very first missions trip. This particular trip took me and many others in my church and churches around us to the country of Haiti. I have never had an experience like that before. Being in a third world country challenged me to find beauty in a different way, I like to think of it as finding beauty in the way that God would. From that trip I learned not only how to serve others as Jesus would have, not only how to make a child smile by teaching them a song and dance, not only how to keep myself physically and spiritually active, but I learned how to find beauty in everything that I saw. That is where I gather my mission from - to capture and embody beauty in every single portrait, landscape, engagement, wedding, pet, food item, whatever I choose to photograph! This year in May 2015, the summer before my junior year of college, I have the privilege to travel on a second missions trip, this time to the country of India. There I will photograph the people, the land, the culture and capture that beauty. I will also be helping orphans and widows, two people groups that are in much need because they are considered cursed in this culture. How wonderful to have the ability to capture the beauty of a person, a woman, a child, and show it to them, tell them how loved they are, how beautiful they are. This is why I do what I do. 

Hi, I'm Danielle Debley. I am a Central PA photographer who is inspired by the beauty of people and creation, wonderfully made by the Creator. I hope to use my talent of photography to touch the hearts of others, inspire people to see beauty, reach out and capture their dreams, and to make a difference in someone's world.